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Our Story.

With names that both mean Commander, it was fate that brought Stacy and Gisele together to form Command Group in beautiful Austin, TX in early 2013. Since that date, Stacy and Gisele have personally hand-selected and vetted every new team member and client along the way.  

In May of 2015, CGR acquired B360 Solutions, a division of Bridgepoint Consulting, which resulted in exponential growth for the organization.  That acquisition was followed up with the addition of our newest division in April of 2016 with offerings in all aspects of business operations.  

Today, our client base spans the industry sectors of Technology, SaaS, Cloud, Banking, Retail, Legal, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, Biotech, Banking, Management Consulting, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Non-profit and Entertainment.  We have people and process solutions for all industries and all stages of growth from startup and beyond.  

The CGR team is made up of dynamic, engaging and inspiring people that care more about doing the right thing than doing the most lucrative thing.  Our relationships being built both internally and externally are what we pride ourselves on and what propels our business as a whole.  We are serving, growing and having the time of our lives together, as a family.  As it should be.

The CGR Team.

Stacy Komendera

Ron Van Weelde
Managing Director

Gisele LeBaron

Natasha Guilbeaux
Director, Professional Search

Julie Rachui
Managing Director

Grace Vander Laan
Manager, Interim Talent & HR

Macey Yust
Business Development

Madison Bell
Associate Recruiter

Olga Cohen

Stacy Roberts
Accounting Manager

Darius Samson
Marketing Manager

Maeleen Garcia
Executive Assistant